High-Resolution Financial Trading Indoor SMD-LED Display Technology

High-Res SMD-LED Display Technology

Most companies are still displaying Financial/Stock/Trading Data content using old Tri-Color Alpha/Text LED display technology, installed back in the 1990s. Not only is this technology obsolete, but can be a potential fire hazard, as they were only designed to function for approximately a 10-15 year life span. These old LED displays are driven by multiple 365-Watts Power supplies running 24/7, a hog when it comes to energy efficiency.

LED display technology has come a long way since the 1990s with tighter pixel/pitches and very high resolution density per-square foot, which is now competing with Flat Screen LCD cube display technology.

Imagine your new Indoor High-Resolution SMD-LED display technology with no mullions separating the sections, like conventional Flat Screen LCD cube display technology. The New High-Resolution SMD-LED display technology can be built seamlessly to any size, height or width, using one controller instead of multiples PC- Cards needed to drive the individual stack-able Flat Screen LCD cube technology.

Lyte LED Solutions Inc just upgraded by installing on a prominent Toronto Bay Street Trading Floor, its new state of the art Financial/Stock/Trading Hi-resolution Full Color Video SMD-LED display technology. This Video LED display technology can show the same Alpha/Text as an old Tri-Color LED display, with endless flexibility for displaying Real-Time data content, graphic and or video streams. www.lyteledsolutions.ca – www.lyteledsolutions.com