LED Display Technology

High-Resolution LED Display

Lyte LED Solutions team includes a group of professionals dedicated to thoroughly understanding and establishing the company in the international market; bring back industry recognition to the company and its valued customers

  • We shall enhance our clients’ relationships with the best support and customer service in the industry.
  • We distribute solid state of the art LED products, coupled with the industry’s most effective partners and provide clients with long-term cost-effective solutions for enhancing their customer experience and increasing advertising revenues.
  • We will enhance our clients’ experiences with the best customer support in the industry.

Lyte LED Solutions team is experienced in consulting, sales, project management, customer service/care and engineering support. This team is capable of taking a customer’s concept through all stages of design, manufacturing and installation including software and training, to help guide the customer to increased sales using effective communication techniques.

What Is Lyte-Solutions?

LED Lighting

Since 2010, Lyte-Solutions have been educating businesses and consumers on the advantages of using LED Lamp technology to reduce energy consumption by up to 70%.

Lyte Solutions relations with industry leaders and experience in the LED Lamp technology market provide us with the knowledge, precise and adequate detailed information regarding specific LED Lamp/fixture technology applications.

What we do.

Wholesale Consultant

Lyte-Solutions is a wholesale consultant company, which helps coordinate and manage designs, manufactures and installation of electronic LED Lamp/Fixture equipment. Our role is to promote and provide in-depth information to potential and current clients in the Re-sale, Engineering, Electrical and IT display markets.

LED Sales

Lyte-Solutions will provide a free initial consultation to analyze your company's perspective. Upon assessment, we will recommend the best solution for your company at competitive costs.